Nobility International

Humanitarian Economic Liberty Project


HELP is a R&D agency of the Nobility International humanitarian organization. Its mission is to develop, guide, standardize, reward, and fund the development of “Noble technology” – technologies that increase labor productivity, as an alternative to technologies that displace labor itself, such as Project Unreal Estate. With Noble technology, HELP hopes to increase the bargaining power of average hard-working families with the aim of improving their working conditions, benefits, salaries, and more. In short, we fight the labor displacement problem of automation with the labor enhancing effect of Noble technology.

Notice: Silence Is Violence

Report hate, perverts, terrorists, professional / corporate / political corruption to OSIC.

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before NobleTech

Noble Tech


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with NobleTech

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Research & Development

  • Licensing developed technologies
  • Best practices guidance for Noble Tech innovators
  • UI, UX, & API development standards
  • Annual financial award for most impactful innovation
  • Funding Noble Tech development projects of importance to the security concerns of the Nobility International humanitarian organization for the Noble and broader Aristophilian community.